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Keyrings on another Keyring


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I have the problem (and I think maybe also a lot of other people too) that collecting all the keys that I find gets quite complicated:

I sort the keys on different keyrings, depending on the area / city (or any other thinkable way).

That is why my character has multiple key-rings (1x Westpoint, 1x Muldraugh, 1x Dixie, 1x Valley Station, ...).

In the end I have for each keyring one icon on the side of the inventory, and all my bags, vests, and other containers are not visible any more (if the inventory list is not more than half my screen), because the keyrings are placed above the other containers.



It would be awesome, if there would be a possibility to put keyrings together, so that there is only one Icon for the keyring that contains all other keyrings.

Like if I have a tactical bag attatched to a hiking bag, or some bags inside another bag. Then the icon for the bags inside are put right beside the icon of the main bag.

Right now i didn't find any solution for it, so that i have to enlarge my inventory list to very big, which is not nice, beacuse it overlaps much of the screen.

I think this would be a very minor change, but would make collecting keys much more easy and comfortable.


Sorry if there was already some suggestion like this or even some solution - i had some searches in the forum here, but didn't find something about putting keyrings together.

If someone has some other good solution, I would be glad to get some hint in here. Thank you guys...


[EDIT: corrected some spelling mistakes]

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