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Papa Juliet Whiskey

Effects of Tainted Water and/or Rotten Food

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Here's what it says on the wiki:

"Drinking directly from water found in the environment, such as lakes or rain-collector barrels, is now marked as 'tainted', giving it a chance to make the player sick if consumed. In order to purify the water, the player must boil it in a container."


"Consuming rotten food has a high chance of making the player sick, which can be reduced by consuming lemon grass or having the iron gut trait."
"At level 7 Cooking, players are able to use an extremely small amount of rotten food as ingredients. The amount of Hunger and Nutrients you get from using rotten food will also increase as you level past 7."


Hope this answers your questions!
= )

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I've been playing for a number of years now, but have been so careful not to eat rotten food, but I must have accidentally drank tainted water at some point.


I'm just curious of its lethality, without having to use one of my  characters as a Guinea pig. I imagin tainted water probably takes a lot to kill you, otherwise I'm sure I'd have died because of that at least once by now. 


But rotten steaks? Would one kill a character? Or say, seven?

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Drinking tainted water by accident is not such a big risk. And if you get sick you are just going to have to deal with it.


Really. Wiki do not mention if eating bad stuff stack or not. But I do think I remember watching some bush crafter PZ YouTuber long time ago, saying something like eating to many of a poisonous berry at the same time can be deadly. So eating 8 rotten steaks might be enough to be a death blow. But why even do that to being with?


But taking the trait "weak stomach" and "Prome to Illness" I have also heard was a death sentence to just eat one thing wrong. But the wiki do not imply that. So, not sure. Just know that being careful makes sense. And to not sleep with food in your inventory and then munch down on it without checking...


Looking at PZWiki. The Moodle "Sick" say: The effects of food poisoning is reversible by being well-feed and by not being Tired.

So really unless one actively eat rotten or poisonous stuff like tainted water. At worse your going to be staying at your base for a few days and just keep eating from the chips and canned food stash, but end up staying alive!


Have accidentally gotten sick from tainted water. But I have also began eating rotten chicken without dying. And gotten away with my miss clicks of drinking rain puddle water without a problem. So really.

Do not worry about it! 

Edit: At worst you can recover from save scrumming. XD

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Was figuring that was kind of the case, just never tested it, nor seen any youtubers succumb to it.


I tend to avoid backing up my saves, excluding my "mess around" character I play between builds.  Haven't made a replacement one since the 41.51 patch dropped, so I didn't have a Guinea pig ready to test it out. And with 41.54 around the corner, didn't really feel like starting a new one yet.


Thanks all for the replies.

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