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still sick

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Hello I don't know what has changed recently or is it the fault of the update because I see similar problems of people on the forums but the character is still sick I checked what is the reason when I died I turned into a zombie so the zombie virus only that it causes any contact with zombies the contagion is probably maximal because it is already bigger probably not do it and what's worse, I will not do a normal multiplayer game, I prefer to play useful mods and disabled zombie infestation and I get sick anyway playing with such settings death and so it was at every step and now I'm sick on the first day and two days later death this change has been made recently because so far it was good and what with this multiplayer will they add such an option one day or is the money for the game already taken and it will stay that way?

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That is a single longest sentece I've ever read in my entire life. 


Bites, Lacerations, Scratches - all have a chance to zombify the character ( sligthly different chance, but still there ). Double check your sandbox settings to see if the "infection mortality - never" option is selected ( it seems that one of the latest updates has somehow disabled that ). Disable mods bacause some of them are not compatable with the latest changes ( all being worked on by various modders to become compatible ).

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