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[41.53] loot distribution error Riverside pharmacy

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13 hours ago, username2764 said:

Currently,you can find four different kind of meds in pharmacies.
Alcohol wipes,bandaids,painkillers and vitamins.
Probably the devs intentionally remove important meds from shelves in pharmacies because pharmacies should be different from clinics or hospitals.


Yes... but in the pharmacy you find 0 meds. Only stuff you find in gas stations like cookies, tire pumps, wrenches, maps, orange juice, gas cans etc.


So, not how it should be.

Only in the back room you find medical stuff (all kind)


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I mean, it sorta makes sense. I'm still able to find alcohol wipes/vitamins and the like on the front shelves, but they keep the important stuff out back like a real pharmacy.

Cookies and tire pumps is a lil odd though.

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