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Have you ever tried the beta version of a game?

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So, it could seem a strange question, but!
During these days I'm having a lot of fun playing and trying the beta version of games that are going to be released soon. I think it's kinda cool being able to see and play the game while it's still a work in progress.
What do you think about it? Do you have some title to recommend to me?

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Yes, i can think a couple but maybe there are more. Divinity Original Sin 2 during the beta (pre-order / early access), Warframe used or has been in beta for a long time i'm not even sure they exited that stage.


Fairly sure there are more but i can't think of them, a game being in state of beta or full release is not something i've been paying attention to if i enjoy it.


I'm not playing nor own it, but something recent is Baldur's Gate 3 (on the works from the devs of Divinity Original Sin 2), i think it's in beta atm. Not really following what are the latest games around.


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