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Books reading bug


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Hello there, I checked but didn't find this issue in bugs. So I'll describe it.

I set in car on passenger seat and start reading book that are higher than my skills.

The character says that nothing is clear, and he cannot get anything useful from it.

And I can't do anything, move, change seats, get out of the car, throw out the book or stop reading it.

Even the zombie who came and slowly ate me, could not distract me from reading the book.

The same problem without a car, I can't do anything with the book, only run with it, then he stops reading it.

Hope it will be fixed one day, thanks.

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4 hours ago, MadDan2013 said:

Press ESC to cancel any timed action like this.

thanks, but I think I's not obvious and probably the "stop read" in context menu of books will helps a lot. bcs there were "read", "drop" and "replace" option that doesn't works when you reading it.

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