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Jack Burton

When several zombies are nearby player, they get automatically hit and/or killed.

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I've had a strange issue where zombies are getting automatically hit when they come near my character. It only generally happens when there are several nearby, but like I can push down a zed or two and then the animation and sound effect plays of them getting hit one or several more times, the blood sprays, and they die.


It could be an issue with some mods, but I've had it happen when using like only Better Sorting, Craft helper 41, and lootable knox county map, and random spawn locations. Nothing that should or would affect the character or hitboxes or anything.


It also seems to only happen on Custom sandbox mode. i tried a couple of test runs on Survivor, and couldn't manage to reproduce the effect, but it also doesn't always happen. I haven't been able to narrow down the exact circumstances. But once it starts happening, it happens to basically every zombie near me.


I got in a paramedic van, rolled down the window, turned on the siren, and basically every zombie that came near the window immediately died when they were in a big horde. Something like 160 zombies over a few minutes before they finally killed me. Pretty wild, and frustrating.


Anyway, not sure if this is a known issue or if maybe some mod conflict but wanted to submit it in case.


Love the game!

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It is probably an issue with mods. I've heard a trait called Bouncer in some mod can cause this too. But even then, mods can have some unexpected behaviour. Does it happen without mods?

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