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I am completely and utterly new to this, but I am baffled and need some help.

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Firstly, I have looked though over a dozen tutorials on how to make maps, how to use tilezed, how to make buildings and maps etc etc. My problem though is that when trying to build a building or what have you in tilezed, every tile shows up as a red ????? over gravel. So, my first thought is of course that tilezed isn't properly importing the tiles from project zomboid. So I look at how to import them. I see that it requires a .png file, so I look though project zomboid's files in steam > common. I look though, and eventually find the media folder and thus the tiles. However, they are in a .pack file type, not the .png that tilezed needs to import them. So I look up how to open .pack files on the web, I try changing the .pack to .zip as recommended and attempt to unzip the file. Doesn't work. So, I look around in tilezed to see if I can import the .pack files directly. It takes a while, but eventually I find pack viewer under tools > .pack files. I open up the pack viewer and successfully import the project zomboid 2x tiles.pack. I see the images there in the pack viewer, and click extract images after filling out all the information. I don't know what prefix means, but I assume that means filename. I click ok, and then nothing happens. This has taken me hours of work so far and frankly I'm about ready to give up on it. I believe I am perfectly capable of using the programs otherwise, but it's near impossible to do it without being able to see what tiles I am placing.

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