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Latest TileZed, WorldEd, and Tilesets (April 17 2021)

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Tileset images


For Windows

TileZed + WorldEd 32-bit

TileZed + WorldEd 64-bit


The 32-bit version of WorldEd seems unable to load all the tilesets due to high memory usage, displaying ??? for some tiles.



TileZed + WorldEd 64-bit

This was built on Ubuntu 20.


TileZed changes:

  • Fixed buildings and adjacent maps not being displayed sometimes.


WorldEd changes:

  • Fixed the mini-map not being displayed sometimes. If this doesn't work, try unchecking the "Hardware accelerated rendering" option.

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I downloaded this version of tilezed and worlded and have encountered many problems you may be able to shed light on.

Firstly, I have looked though over a dozen tutorials on how to make maps, how to use tilezed, how to make buildings and maps etc etc, so I believe myself to be fully capable of using these tools properly.

My problem though is that when attempting to build a building or what have you in tilezed, every tile shows up as a red ????? over gravel. So, my first thought is of course that tilezed isn't properly importing the tiles from project zomboid. I check the sewer example structure to see if it shows up properly, which it doesn't, though to my surprise there's simply nothing there, not even red ????

So I continue and look at how to import the previously mentioned tiles. I see that tilezed requires a .png file, so I look though project zomboid's files in steam > common. I look though, and eventually find the media folder and thus the tiles. However, they are in a .pack file type, not the .png that tilezed needs to import them. So I look up how to open .pack files on the web, I try changing the .pack to .zip as recommended and attempt to unzip the file. Doesn't work. So, I look around in tilezed to see if I can import the .pack files directly. It takes a while, but eventually I find pack viewer under tools > .pack files. I open up the pack viewer and successfully import the project zomboid 2x tiles.pack. I see the images there in the pack viewer, and click extract images after filling out all the information. I don't know what prefix means, but I assume that means filename. I click ok, and then nothing happens.

After many hours of looking, I get told of a program made by cdaragorn that allows me to unpack the .pack files so that I can import them into tilezed to be used in building-building. I successfully unpack tiles2x, but upon trying to unpack tiles2x.floors, the images are unpacked as corrupted files. I move on, and attempt to import in the tiles2x that I previously unpacked. Thankfully, I finally manage to do so. The issue now is that they aren't in a proper grid for tilezed to be able to automatically import without cutting them up.


Besides the above issues, I've encountered many more, almost at every single turn.


It's taken me hours and hours of work, but for some reason I see no-one else having the same problem, across hours of tutorial vids on pz modding, it never comes up that the vanilla tiles might not be automatically imported. I've tried reinstalling tilezed and worldzed three times, to see if it was just a fluke, unfortunately it wasn't. I'm going to see if older versions of tilezed work properly, but if they don't I think I ought to give up.

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Please make it possible to save a map of objects (details) to a file.  PLEASE !!!!!

For example, I have a 1x1 cell on the map and on it I have placed a vegetable garden with different plants, fences, wells, bales of hay, logs, leaves, different trees (not standard), and various other objects for the exterior.


We currently have 3 files - basemap, vegetation map and zombie spawn.


If you go here https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/21951-the-one-stop-tilezed-mapping-shop/

and read step 5, then this is actually what I'm asking about.

MAP of details. Sometimes the program crashes or you accidentally overwrite the basemap file or the file with vegetation (I don't remember exactly which one) and in an instant you lose all the details on the map and all the work was in vain. And this is just awful. Motivation drops instantly and you want to give up everything.

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