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HD60 S+ crashes when alt tabbing

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Im streaming on my account, and use a HD 60+ S Elgato  to interface my gaming computer with the streaming computer.  When i swap any configuration on video card settings, or alt tab to do a back ground search or background game, the elgato crashes, goes blank and effects the stream in such a way the only way to get the elgato runing again is to disable it, than reinitilize it.  Very serious hard crash and effects my abilty to stream the game and do tother thing required to stream.  This needs top priortity to fix.  ty.

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Don’t know what you’d expect us to do  here? That’s more a question for Elgato.


We don’t do anything at the hardware level so have no way to support this sort of thing, regarding gpu configs. We certainly have no way to check for this.


The library PZ is built on also doesn’t handle alt + tab well, on certain hardware, though it’s quite rare. All I can suggest there is use borderless window and switch with the task bar instead. This may be fixed with the next update to build 41, as the lib has been updated.

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