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Large 1to1 Lakeside City WIP

Immortal Six

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Hello, I'm new to the forums. I figured I'll use this post to upload screenshots of the large map I'm working on. I want to do a 1 to 1 full scale build of my home city of about 110k people. So far I'm almost done mapping out the roads, which I have been using as the system of measurement. 6-8 tiles for a 2 lane road, and 14-16 tiles for the 4 lane highways. Finding the right zoom for google maps was a bit of a challenge, but I've managed to figure out how close I have to be to get all the side streets and little roads/footpaths. From there I planned on using satellite view, street view, and just walking around town to accurately get house colours, fence heights, spacings and all that.


SO, considering the massive scale of this project, I was wondering if there are any engine limitations for the amount of cells? I couldn't find anything other than old posts saying something about 255 being the limit(understandable there). Is that still the case? So far the map ends  up at 13 000 x 13 000 pixels to get all the landmarks and surrounding area in at the proper scale. Is this too big?


I've attached a low resolution image of the city overlay without road detail(one test). Being the only civilization in any direction for a while means this place has everything, schools, hospital, gun stores, multiple shopping malls with a large one in the center, fishing, hunting, camping, and a large city that never really grew out of its "small town" feel so it has very few buildings over 2-3 stories. I'd want the map to be as accessible to as many people as possible so I probably won't want to add any custom files aside from Canadian or locally specific themed stuff. Any input would be appreciated!


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