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Latest TileZed, WorldEd, and Tilesets (April 7 2021)

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Tileset images


For Windows

TileZed + WorldEd 32-bit

TileZed + WorldEd 64-bit


The 32-bit version of WorldEd seems unable to load all the tilesets due to high memory usage, displaying ??? for some tiles.



TileZed + WorldEd 64-bit

This was built on Ubuntu 20.


TileZed changes:

  • BuildingEd: made the rooms combobox wider to avoid eliding text in dropdown menu.
  • Disabled the tileset search filter when there are no tilesets.
  • Fixed crash right-clicking in the tileset view when there is no tileset.
  • BuildingEd: forbid adding more than 8 floors.
  • Fixed graphics corruption in BuildingEd tile view when OpenGL rendering is turned off.
  • Added editor for overlays on non-container tiles.
    This is used for things such as adding random seat cushions and detail textures on brick walls.
  • Added "Show Lot Floors Only" option to the View menu.
  • Tiles in layers named X_AboveLots are drawn above lots (buildings).
    This can be used to place fences or other tiles adjacent to building walls.
  • Added support for loading tilesets from subdirectories of the Tiles/ and Tiles/2x/ directories.
    You can put custom tilesets into one or more subdirectories to keep them separate from the game's tilesets.
    Tilesets can be moved freely in and out of subdirectories without breaking maps or buildings.
  • Container Overlay editor: Dragging-and-dropping 2 tiles onto the base tile creates a new room with those 2 tiles.
  • Added "Floor Grime (Random)" edge tool.
  • Added "Blend Edges Everywhere" setting in the blend-tool options.
    By default, BMP blend edge tiles are added on top of BMP floor tiles only or adjacent to BMP floor tiles.  A new per-map setting changes this behavior to allow edge tiles to be placed onto non-BMP floor tiles.
  • Dragging-and-dropping blank tiles in the overlay editors sets the tile name to "none".
  • Fixed slowness switching between maps due to searching WorldEd projects for the map file.


WorldEd changes:

  • Display only levels 0-7 instead of 0-10.
  • Added object properties that are used to tell the game which direction water is flowing (or not flowing, such as swimming pools).
  • Added mouse-over highlighting of cells in the world view.
  • The Layers dock displays default layers from TMXConfig.txt so they may be hidden.
  • Generate Lots no longer stops after the first error, reporting errors when finished.
  • Fixed "Show BMP Images" view option not being applied when opening a world.
  • Fixed the long delay before the context menu appears after right-clicking on buildings.
    The delay increased with the number of buildings and rooms.
  • Lots may be reordered by dragging and dropping within the Lots dock.

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Please make it possible to save a map of objects (details) to a file.  PLEASE !!!!!

For example, I have a 1x1 cell on the map and on it I have placed a vegetable garden with different plants, fences, wells, bales of hay, logs, leaves, different trees (not standard), and various other objects for the exterior.


We currently have 3 files - basemap, vegetation map and zombie spawn.


If you go here https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/21951-the-one-stop-tilezed-mapping-shop/

and read step 5, then this is actually what I'm asking about.

MAP of details. Sometimes the program crashes or you accidentally overwrite the basemap file or the file with vegetation (I don't remember exactly which one) and in an instant you lose all the details on the map and all the work was in vain. And this is just awful. Motivation drops instantly and you want to give up everything.

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Posted (edited)

It seems that no matter what I try, it doesn't want to launch from Linux, here's the error:




Error renaming file!


To: /home/faalagorn/.TileZed/Tilesets.txt


Invalid cross-device link

(while reading Tilesets.txt)


The from path is empty and the file is getting created under /home/faalagorn/.TileZed/Tilesets.txt properly. It happens with the pre-compiled version as well as the one compiled from GitHub https://github.com/timbaker/tiled


Might be my system as I'm not on Ubuntu but Arch instead, though the old version seemed to work for me…


It seems the problem is known in other applications as well, but I'm fighting hard to troubleshoot it for few hours now, I'll let you know if I find anything, but maybe someone else has an idea?


EDIT: It seems that I solved it by commenting lines 77 to 111: https://github.com/timbaker/tiled/blob/zomboid/src/tiled/BuildingEditor/simplefile.cpp#L77 to https://github.com/timbaker/tiled/blob/zomboid/src/tiled/BuildingEditor/simplefile.cpp#L111


so the following lines are gone:


    // foo.txt -> foo.txt.bak
    QFileInfo destInfo(filePath);
    QString backupPath = filePath + QLatin1String(".bak");
    QFile backupFile(backupPath);
    if (destInfo.exists()) {
        if (backupFile.exists()) {
            if (!backupFile.remove()) {
                mError = QString(QLatin1String("Error deleting file!\n%1\n\n%2"))
                return false;
        QFile destFile(filePath);
        if (!destFile.rename(backupPath)) {
            mError = QString(QLatin1String("Error renaming file!\nFrom: %1\nTo: %2\n\n%3"))
            return false;

    // /tmp/tempXYZ -> foo.txt
    if (!tempFile.rename(filePath)) {
        mError = QString(QLatin1String("Error renaming file!\nFrom: %1\nTo: %2\n\n%3"))
        // Try to un-rename the backup file
        if (backupFile.exists())
            backupFile.rename(filePath); // might fail
        return false;


with this code gone, I made sure the respective files are in tiled/share/tilezed/config/ directory (I copied the one that were created before), that way it works by not looking for the files from the home directory. It' It seems that looking for files there is broken for me for some reason :-?


It's a very hacky solution, so a proper fix would be welcome (especially as I see there's a "might fail" code. I might take a look and at least post an issue on GitHub if I won't forget


EDIT2: While it allows the program to run, it can't save anything. I gotta troubleshoot the issue further it seems… The old version works fine with saving.


EDIT3: It turned out to be more complicated; it seems that the software can't write to my home folder sometimes, this also happened for me with the old version. I saved stuff in /tmp temporarily, and it seems to work! Something worth to take a closer look indeed, but at least I got to run stuff on the latest version. :)

Edited by Faalagorn

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On 4/28/2021 at 7:16 PM, Хибити\Hibiti [BLR] said:

EasyPickins Please add support for horizontal and vertical walls. It was really cool and added more variety for us as map and building creators.
I hope it can be done, and I am more than sure that people want it.

If you doubt that we will not find a use for these horizontal and vertical walls - do not hesitate)



For front walls with window needs new animation of climb over. This is impossible at the moment.

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