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Early Zomboid builds, a question regarding to the content in them.

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Hey! On this post I'd like to ask about the earlier builds of the game. I have recently heard that apparently in them, there was something like a wife that you spawned with, who had a broken leg. You could either abandon her or stay along and treat her. Was this really a thing? And if so, what led to said wife being cut from the game?

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It was a thing in a very early demonstration build for the game from 2011-2012. It even had a short story in it, but it had to be cut with NPCs altogether due to problems with them being astonishingly dumb.

They are most likely going to be added back in Build 43 with the reintroduction of NPCs. There was a screenshot in one blog post with them being showcased.


Bob and Kate.


There's even an easter egg with them in the current beta but it's a secret. 

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