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Ideas for some traits

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Hello, I have a tons of ideas for vanilla PZ and I would like to help develop game myself, but I can't right now :(
I think it would be awesome to see more small and big traits for survivors, making each more unique. For example:
1. Sweaty (-2 or -1) sweats more often and profusely;
2. Cold and heat sensitive (-3 or so) suffer from less cold/warm weather;
3. Cold and heat resistant (+3 or so) opposite of №2;

4. Depression (-8 or so) suffer from permanent rising of unhappiness, maximum happiness is lower and a little bit more weary. Yeah, unfortunately, I know what I'm talking about;
5. Bad memory (-6 I think) loses some experience over time;
6. Pain sensitive (-4) all injuries gives more pain;
7. Pain resistant (+4) opposite of №7;
I sure I'll come up with more of traits later c:
Hope you like it

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