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When sleep deprived the character can recieve micronaps

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Good day to Project Zomboid.

Currently character has no effect from being exhausted and sleep deprived too much.

On stream people and streamer was interested and raised questions a couple of times what happens when player runs around without sleeping on some very long raid.

Currently the character can survive just fine without sleep.

Streamer give an idea that real life analog is having micronaps, which can be done as blanking the screen for a couple of seconds, which is definitely pretty realistic and terrifying.

Well, having micronaps in real life is sort of terrifying in itself, when one does not control oneself or knows what happened in those couple of seconds. And it would prevent people from "just driving to the other part of the map to raid something particular". One would need to have separate stops to sleep every night, just like in camping travels or in survival.

Thank you.

Anton Latukha

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A great idea and one that I don't think has a lot of programming work. It would be interesting to see it in a BETA to test the result. The feeling of having a lapse or knowing that it can happen will make you think twice before making a trip without planning it before.


Una idea estupenda y que no creo que tenga mucho trabajo de programación. Seria interesante verlo en alguna BETA para probar el resultado. La sensación de tener un lapsus o saber que puede suceder te hará pensártelo dos veces antes de hacer un viaje sin planificarlo antes.

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It's been awhile, but I had a suggestion on this too, and even expanded a bit on the idea.

We're on the exact same page for micro-naps, moments in time where you can simply remove vision to signify the characters as having closed their eyes involuntarily. You could dampen sound too. Zombies would have an easier time walking up on you and losing your vision while driving could be devastating.

A couple add on ideas. Circadian Rhythm seems like it should be in this game. A system to slow fatigue build up in the middle of the day and speed up fatigue in the wee hours of the night.

And more considerations for Adrenaline. When panicking a character should be able to hit harder in melee and should have their mid level stamina depletion slowed down a lot. As a trade-off, when the danger has passed if a character has built up enough fatigue (and I mean a lot of fatigue) there should be a chance of falling unconscious. 

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