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How to speed up animations

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I'm on build 41 IWBUMS and I'm don't really like the 3d animations put in every actions of my character. There is an animation for closing windows, turning around, sneaking up, rise up when you fell... Most of them takes too long !


I went back to prod build (the one that's not in beta) for a moment to play with some friends and I liked how the character was reactive ! I want to walk backward, the character walks backward, I want to close a window, the window just closes...

Now it feels so sluggish, these animations decreased the maniability, sometimes I feel like I'm controlling a car truck and it's very unpleasant !


Is there a way to speed up these animations or to disable them ?


Thanks by advance !

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No, it's just something you'll have to get used to as everyone else has. Build 40 won't be updated any more, but it'll stay as a beta build once Build 41 hits stable. If you rather that movement; it just won't have any of the features that Build 41 has.


The game had to change in this way; it just wouldn't work with how arcade-like the movement was in the previous build. There's a chance some animations may be tweaked in the future, some aren't perfect but they're known issues. The overall movement system won't change though.

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