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Gustavo Gomberg

Accessibility - Click to Open Door

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An option in the accessibility menu where you could disable "Opening Doors" by clicking on then
I know that there is a mechanic  when you fighting zombies next to a door, even if you click on her, it won't open
But even so, I still fear a little that some bug could occour, like a double click after you killed the zombie, and BUM, the door opens 

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27 minutes ago, Universum8 said:

Use the "E"

I think he means the ability to turn off opening doors by clicking on them completely, and only be able to use E. In that case, he wouldn't accidentally click a door during a fight when using the mouse. I think it's unlikely to happen, never happened to me but I get his paranoia that it might.


Fair suggestion, might be something worth adding in accessibility.

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On 28/3/2021 at 18:12, Gustavo Gomberg said:

Sí, es exactamente lo que dijo MadDan2013: una opción para solo poder abrir puertas usando "E".
La paranoia también me atrapa cada vez



Use a gamepad :lol:.


It may seem crazy because of the amount of things to do, but believe me, when you get the hang of it, you never want to play with the keyboard anymore.

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