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Extra Clothing Options (Zip/unzip jacket, rolling up sleeves, etc)

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While there have been a couple different posts about a feature like this, they were pre-animation update (or right when it was getting into IWBUMS). I was inspired to post this here after seeing MrCabbuge's post on reddit and thought it was worth discussing again.


A right click option on the clothing item could let you adjust the clothes in a certain way. Jackets could be unzipped/unbuttoned which would reduce their insulation for the torso if you're getting a little too warm, at the risk of losing a little bit of protection for the torso. Or if you'd rather lose the insulation/protection on your arms, rolling up the sleeves of long sleeve shirts and jackets could work too.


As MrCabbuge had pointed out in his post, style is another reason this would be a fun option for certain clothing. With the wide assortment of visible clothing options now, this could be another way to really let your character look how you want them too. And if you are layering clothes, which I'd say a lot of people do for the extra protection it provides, you could roll up an outer sleeve so you could see the sleeve of another layer beneath. It was also pretty fashionable to do this in the 90's. I can't help but think back to some of the recent Thursdoid posts where you see screenshots of a bunch of players hanging out at the base and having this be a new option in some of those scenes.


An example I've thought where this would be useful could be chopping wood. You're starting to get warm so you roll up your sleeves to keep a little cooler. If you see a zombie approaching, it's a lot faster to roll your sleeves back down for protection than the alternative of having taken off the jacket to cool down, especially if you've moved it into another bag.

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