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Glass Display Counters don't maintain type

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This seemed the most appropriate forum because the behavior feels unintended. So the furniture "glass display counter" has a couple of varieties: the jewelry counters and the gun counters.


The issue I seem to have is that once the "glass display counter" of the gun store variety is moved, it either 1) defaults over to the jewelry counter type or 2) having a mix of these counters in your inventory or in item form makes them forget their type.


In my current game, I had taken the "glass display counters" from the farming and rural supply store here. It's hard to tell behind the wall, but I assumed they were the gun type. After picking up the furniture and placing it back at my base, they were the jewelry type.




But I do know for sure the counters here are the gun variety, they are out in the open and items placed and removed from them show the gun display. I even picked up and placed the counters in the store as a test of this, within that gun shop the counter worked and placing it displayed gun interiors. Bringing it back to the Riverside gas station, I place the counters and have what is pictured above, the jewelry variety.


Is this based off of the building type the counters are located in, or the counter variety is lost, something to do with the names being the same? Either way I was hoping to have some gun displays in my base, but once I bring them home I only have jewelry counters. If there's anything I can do to help clarify let me know. Thanks!

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think, or at least I always assumed that the content varied on the type of display, similar to food in shops and goods in mall being different on each shop and overlays are lost, but I'm not sure so someone could clarify it.

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