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What is your best Build 41 character build?

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Post what you think is the best build gameplay wise you can make for build 41 (no RP builds). It can be a combat focused, stealth, etc.

The trait point must not be negative to be a valid build. We're not counting the OP extra trait point builds.




The Soldier

Profession: Police

Positive Traits:

  • Brave
  • Stout

Negative Traits:

  • Slow Reader
  • Hard of Hearing
  • Weak Stomach
  • Smoker
  • Hemophobic

A combat focused build focusing on the Police profession for fast level of gun skills while having stout trait for melee combat while having average stealth due to not taking clumsy and conspicuous.

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Profession: Park Ranger

Positive Traits: 

  • Speed Demon
  • Cat's Eyes
  • Dextrous
  • Wakeful
  • Brave
  • Fast Learner
  • Keen Hearing
  • Athletic
  • Strong

Negative Traits: 

  • Thin-skinned
  • Hisgh thirst
  • Slow Healer
  • Underweight
  • Disorganized
  • Prone to illness
  • Smoker
  • Weak stomach
  • Slow reader

I am really new to the game, but this is the strongest build I could get. You can farm berries in the forest, so you won't starve. You can craft an axe with stone and stick, so you'll always have a weapon, and you can craft traps to farm meat. Also nice xp bonus to Carpentry. Strenght and Fitness helps with looting.
sry for bad eng :/  

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I have been playing this for more than 5 years and I can tell you without fear of being wrong that the best profession I can find is Lumberjack, the skill "Lord of Axes" and start with 2 points in "Axes".

Carpentry is a very important pillar in this game, and the weight can condemn you many times, that your main tool becomes a deadly weapon will give you a great advantage, since you will not need more than to always carry your ax and a saw with you and never be separated from them.  Regarding the advantages and defects, the ones that I use the most are:


Very thirsty (Get quick with 4 garbage bags, it will take you very little to saw a forest and climb the 4 necessary levels as a lumberjack)


Hemophobia (Be careful, my experience recommends staying clean as much as possible since the character will be very emotionally affected if you are always bloody)


Overweight (If it is not your first game and you know how to avoid enemies, this defect will leave you quite helpless when it comes to walking long distances or making great efforts, but in less than a month you can weigh less than 85 kg and lose that default that gives you no less than 6 points. Also, it is not that difficult to lose weight in a zombie apocalypse)  


Smoker (Although it seems a good option it will create a lot of anxiety to the character, but it will not do you any physical damage. It is not a bad option if you need points)  If you are going to play alone you can also choose:


Slow Reader

Slow Healer


Restless dream  


(None of the latter I recommend split screen since it will make you break from your partner and cause the games to be somewhat more tedious and slow, while playing alone you can advance the time as much as you need to recover your sleep or recover from an injury )




Llevo más de 5 años jugando a esto y te puedo decir sin temor a equivocarme que la mejor profesión que encuentro es Leñador, la habilidad "Señor de las Hachas" y empezar con 2 puntos en "Hachas".

La carpinteria es un pilar muy importante en este juego, y el peso puede condenarte muchas veces, que tu herramienta principal se convierta en un arma mortal te hará tener una gran ventaja, ya que no necesitaras mas que llevar siempre tu hacha y una sierra contigo y no separarte jamás de ellas.

Respecto a las ventajas y defectos los que mas uso habitualmente es:


Mucha sed (Hazte rapido con 4 bolsas de basura, tardaras muy poco en aserrar un bosque y subir los 4 niveles necesarios siendo leñador)


Hemofobia (Ojo, mi experiencia recomienda mantenerse aseado tanto como sea posible ya que el personaje se vera muy afectado emocionalmente si vas siempre ensangrentado)


Sobrepeso (Si no es tu primera partida y sabes como sortear a los enemigos este defecto de dejara bastante indefenso a la hora de caminar grandes distancias o hacer grandes esfuerzos, pero en menos de un mes podras llegar a pesar menos de 85 kg y perder esde defecto que te otorga nada menos que 6 puntos. Ademas, no es tan dificil perder peso en un apocalipsis zombie)


Fumador (Aunque parezca una buena opción creara mucha ansiedad al personaje, pero no te hara ningun daño fisico. No es una mala opcion si necesitas puntos)

Si vas a jugar solo tambien podras escoger:


Lector Lento
Sanador Lento
Sueño inquieto


(Ninguna de estas ultimas las recomiendo a pantalla partida ya que te hara descompasarte de tu compañero y provocar que las partidas sean algo mas tediosas y lentas, mientras que jugando solo podras avanzar el tiempo tanto como necesites para recuperar tu sueño o recuperarte de una herida)

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My personal favourite generalist for the longest time has been thus:
Profession: Burglar - stealth is important, extra stealth exp is always welcome, also - you don't have to grind mechanics/electronics to hotwire cars, giving you nice access to all the mobility scooters ingame (pretty much "end game stuff") from the get-go, if you have the IQ and luck to gather some sweet, sweet gasoline (or be so lucky as to find a car with some drops left in it)

btw. I heard it gives you better chance of unlocking locked windows (or even doors, though I'm not sure, pretty welcome either way)
Negative traits:
Smoker - pretty easy to overcome if you follow this build, ciggies and lighters are easy to come by if you get the right traits
Slow reader - it's not like your life is gonna depend on how fast you can read
Pacifist - optional, but despite lower exp rates for weapons, it's quite an easy trait to correct with good gameskill (it doesn't affect damage, methinks, only gains)
Overweight - it's always easier to lose weight than to gain it, and also it doesn't affect your starting fitness - unlike underweight - so it's pretty cool (despite lower endurance regen for as long as you're over 85kgs)
Positive traits:
Lucky - a must have, pretty self-explanatory (better loot rates, to put it bluntly)
Stout - for that little bit of extra oomph in your stomps


Do yourself a favor and try it in Rosewood.

As seen in the scrns below, it can be pretty viable (that's from my latest playthrough, survived close to 5 months as of now, my first truly long game on Apocalypse)
I like to keep my builds focused on survival and low trait numbers (here, I think it's the best general build - for a full stealth focus, I'd go for graceful and inconspicuous instead of stout and add short-sighted to even out the score)



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This is my go-to build if im looking to be a 1 man army.


Occupation: Lumberjack


Negative Traits:

Sunday Driver (i see this as a positive because i can floor it without crashing into a wall)


Weak Stomach

Prone to illness

Slow Reader

Hemophoic (the self healing panick one)



Positive Traits:



Adrenaline Junky


This build is literally for beasting zombies until you gotta dip. The negative traits won't bother you at all if you're maintaining yourself and the positive traits are all good for being the zombie clearer. With this build i can survive pretty bad situations, the adrenaline junky is soooo useful when youre about to get surrounded, thick-skinned basically makes you more tanky and stout will knock em further back to get away. 

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