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Moloch Horridus

Tweaks for Creepy Crawlies & jumping Jacks

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Please make it an option to have only already crawling zombies to be able to crawl under the cars by default.

I feel like any normal shambling zombie suddenly gaining enough wits to start crawling under obstacles is not very realistic. Perhaps this whole thing should be tied to the cognition options since it clearly a concious choise the zombies make.

Also, player should be able to do the same, unless carrying a backpack.

And we should be able to climb over the furniture and cars. I know this is much harder to implement, but it really bothers me that a simple sofa or chair is an obstacle that might end up killing me.



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I imagine it would, I too would still like zombies to be able to crawl under cars, but only if they are already on the ground/crawling. I agree that a standing zombie having the knowledge (and motor skills) to suddenly bend down and crawl under a car is a bit... jarring?

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