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Unusable Metal

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I did some forum searching on the suggestions part of the forums,  and the list of suggested suggestions, and didn't find anything relating to unusable metal so I figured I would go ahead and ask the question and see what I get.


So here is the question:


Is it possible to make it so that you can melt down unusable metal into scrap metal?

I know it is called unusable, but if you had scraps or small bit of metal, you would be able to melt it down into something usable.

Maybe make it cost something like 15-20 unusable metal = 1 scrap metal, or something like that.

You can acquire quite a lot of the unusable metal leveling up your metalworking skill, and while out scavenging and exploring.

This way it would serve some sort of purpose, other than taking up room.


What is everyone's thoughts on something like this?

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I think this is a good idea, it could be tied to your metal working skill, a pro would know what to do with "unusable metal" while someone low in the skill would still not be able to do anything with it.

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Wasn't it originally plan for Smithing? It was disabled, but magazines, tiles and bits of code are still there, I sincerely hope they will return to it at one point, that would declutter some of the junk incl. spoons and broken weapons laying around, too! 

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