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Zombie Population Calculator

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I'm new to this game, but I'm having an absolute blast playing it even if I usually survive less than a couple of days.


I personally prefer a slow start, since I'm still learning the mechanics and I'm a fan of hoarding/building and making up my own little RP.  So to this end I have been looking around for advice on how the zombie population multipliers work in sandbox, and there's only a couple of particularly helpful threads.


I thought it would be awesome if there was a calculator that could work it our for you.  Couldn't find anything with a quick search, so I've very crudely slapped something together with a good old Google Sheet.


I've made this public to view, and change the settings variables (assuming I've set permissions properly, but hey ho, I have a backup if someone wrecks it!)

If anyone thinks my calculations are off please let me know.



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