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Reduce sugar consumption

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Please reduce sugar consumption, at least by half.
When preparing a mug of tea, a lot of sugar is consumed.
One can / pack of sugar should be enough for many cups of sugar.


I hope that I will be heard.

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Yeah, sugar is more of a luxury addition and really shouldn't be mandatory for coffee or tea. We are survivors after all. You know, Rose Hips are already in the game. Rose Hip tea is a thing. Why not make it a thing? That way, we can actually have a tea that's used and useful beyond the very early game.


Stir Fries / Cooked Stew is already a powerful happiness booster anyway, so I don't see the advantage we would get here beyond a bit of flavor.


I get that you want to balance hot beverages/tea/coffee, but this makes these a thing that are almost never used. Any "sustainable" recipes for more foodstuffs would just be awesome because I enjoy playing open-ended games.

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10 hours ago, TrailerParkThor said:

I wouldn't mind brewing tea or coffee by filling a Kettle with water, boiling it, and then crafting said product. Then sugar could be added as a boost? Not sure seems like a tough one

This already exists as the Hot Beverage recipe. All you need to do is have a cup of boiling water, then you can add tea, coffee .etc to it.

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