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seems its ok to hava trees blocking your sight (and prolly the cars too) but sometimes its just annoying.

I added a picture where I stand towards a car thats not visible (the lower picture), maybe because of the tree. If I turn arround and look away from it its visible.

I am not even sure whether thats a bug or a result of the state of the game but that makes not really sense to me.


it also bothers me that all trees seem to be just some kind of bushes. thier size compared to the player or houses is just wierd.




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maybe the angle of sight could get changed.

if you stand infront of a tree it dosn't block that much. it summs up the more trees are behind it and so on, sure.

but still, there should be a difference between a bush and a tree trunk.


if you cant see a thing that stands just a few meters away just because of a "tree" thats totaly out of scale is a bit unsatisfying.

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