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Srry for caps on title but well here is my problem...


im playing build 41 and i had and still have some problems with game crashing (is a less than before and myeb i can fix it lowering more the graphics but still happening) btw, now i cna play for 1 2 hrs straight without crashing but every time it crashes (no matter how many days ingame passes, or if i closed the game without crashing) it restarts the day on day 1 00:00hrs and foggy night... is there any way i can fix it guys?


i forgot to mention that my safehouse stays the same, my character also but bodies of zombies disapears and looted places refill with former loot... this way the game is pointles i would never die, get big hordes or the necesity to stockpile food or make a farm...

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The game crashed, so a part of the save either failed to be made or became corrupted. If you have any mods, remove them as they can be a reason for a crash happening in the first place and see if this helps.


How much ram do you have and what graphics card do you use? Are your drivers up to date? 


Finally, try launching and running the game in 32 bit mode: Go to "Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid" and run the game with "ProjectZomboid32"

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