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So recently I have been dying so fast on Survival mode. However I was able to finally get a sledge and enough carpentry skill to start a tree house base. I am using the Sims 2nd story floor rule (4 tiles between 2 pillars), which has dictated where I put my floors so far. Also there are a lot of meta noises that are bringing zeds to me. However many of them get stuck on the other side of the rivers. Which is nice. I have more loot in a base farther in Bedford Falls, however things have gotten so bad I might not be able to get them.


My location in the wood is right here. Which I think is a good location in that its surrounded by water on 3 sides. I also set up a "post perimeter" Which I like to think of like spikes, since the zeds get caught on them when they walk by and try to knock them. Which allows me time to kill them. However it only seems to work with small amounts of zeds.


While I have most of the main tools needed for long term survival I still need a spade for a roof top garden. I am unsure if I should go looking for one or make one via Hydrocraft methods. In short this time it has been both challenging but also I have been allowed some wiggle room to be creative with my base. I am looking forward to an interesting looking base based on my location and limitations.

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For a long while now, I had been using the ''Dixie Dinner'' as my Safehouse. The place was real good; had two Fridges, a full tall fence in the backyard, was close to many sources of food and a Gas Station, and it had a flat roof you could build on without issue. However, with the recent Zed AI upgrade, those many glass windows of it have become impossible to defend, and the tall fence's only weakness, it's door, always gets broken down real fast. To sum up, the place became impossible to defend.


So, this time instead, I've settled in two places that, unlike the dinner, have required minimal work and remodeling to become proper bases.



1- Large Northern Warehouse, Muldraugh


This was a bit ironic; whenever I started on Muldraugh and needed to find something, this was always my first to-go place, despite it was usually quite far away from my early safehouses. It has sooo many crates inside that you're always guaranteed to find at least one of the things you're looking for, be it an Axe, the Sledge or a Box of Nails. However, it was just now when I realized how much of a perfect safehouse it is.


It has four doors and three windows, so unless you're playing on ''Everything's Locked'' mode, you're always guaranteed to find one of these open for an easy and silent way to get in. And yet, they're few enough that they're easy to barricade and to keep under check for headbangers.


Inside you have a big Couch (which makes for a great bed), a Freezer and a Microwave, as well as two Sinks and a toilet for a steady supply of water. While you still have power and water, this place's practically self-sufficient; all you need is food, and this can usually be gotten easily from the houses nearby and the restaurants not far south.


However, those features that make it the perfect safehouse are what I call the ''Overseer's Platform'' and its wide roof. 


The Overseer's Platform A.K.A. the second floor, makes for a naturally easy to defend position. If the Zeds breach the ground floor, you just have to sledge the stairway and you'll be safe to keep shooting them all as long you have ammo. Once the Zeds are dealt with, you just get down using one of the two windows it has, just make sure you prepared the sheet rope for that, or else you'll have to use your own clothes.


While the Roof's walls are so high they don't allow you to shoot the Zeds below, they make the place the perfect enclosed space for your farm and rain collectors. Even in the case the Overseer's Platform got overrun, you could still Sledge the stairs heading here and lock yourself on the roof. The problem with that, however that there's no easy way down; the remains of the stairwell are low enough that you can jump over them without breaking anything, but once you did that, you'd had to fully destroy the original stair, and build your own, or give up the roof forever. Still, a roof well-stocked with water, canned food and fuel for your BBQ (while the big one's still a favorite, the small one's the best choice for this place, as Propane Tanks aren't as common as Charcoal, which you'd probably find in no small supply in the crates below) can last for enough time for the Zeds below to thin in numbers enough to retake the lower floor.Also, another good feature of this place is that its door frames are compatible with player-made doors, which saves you a lot of time and effort if these get destroyed.


So, to sum up, the biggest advantage of this place is the fact it's already an epic safehouse without the real need of building/destroying anything (the only thing usually I remove is that eyesore of the Ventilation Shafts; they're a bit annoying as they block some of the view of the place, but this is purely a conception of mine) and that can be maintained with minimal resources. Also, it's pretty close to the McCoy Logging Co., in case you can't find an Axe earlier.



2- The Apartments above Enigma Books and Mendy's Eatery, West Point.


First of all, this place's more meant for a temporary shelter than a permanent safehouse; it's a safe place to gather the loot so you don't have to wander around much when you come to pick it up.


I initially found this place by mistake; I went through the wrong door when heading to the bookstore. The place consists of three rather spacious apartments with all the necessary amenities for survival, specially a good number of windows leading to the street and the parking lot behind. Meaning that you can just sledge the stairs, sheet rope the windows and you have fully Zed-free safehouse.


Amongst its biggest advantages, it's right over a source of books and food, and literally next door to a source of medicine; the R.B. Mat Dentist. Plus, you have the Food Market and Hardware Stores next block, and even the Giga Mart a couple blocks away; you have almost all of West Point's Main Loot targets close-by.


However, this place comes with two deadly weaknesses, which are the reason I say this place isn't good for a long-term safehouse; once power and water fail, the place's becomes very hard to live in. First of all, even with the curtains open and during day, the place's real dark, and it becomes pitch-black at night, to the point a Flashlight will become a necessity, and batteries aren't easy to come by. And secondly, since the place's enclosed and its roof isn't flat, you won't have any safe place to farm or place rain catchers, unless you take the time to wall up the parking lot on the back, which, while doable, it's quite hard to maintain and keep safe from the hordes of Zed headbangers who'll skull your walls down at every chance. Also, using a Generator is impossible here unless you want to choke to death.


So, unless you're up to the task of the wall, I'd use this place just as a temporary hideout to loot up the important places like the Gun Store and the Pharmahug and then have a bunch of ''Speedy Sprinter'' survivors make the run up there and go back to the Large Storehouse in Muldraugh.


Also, I know that many of the buildings in this area also have the apartments above, but I prefer this one as it has three apartments and hence, three fridges to stash the food and three kitchens with canned stuff.

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Check it out. All finished:








My original plan was to just build a structure on top of the bridge, but evidently those buildings are already as tall as the world allows. The game would only allow me to build half a stairwell up there. So I figured I'd go for the under-hanging deal instead. Think I might like it better this way anyway. Also thinking about doing a 4x4 opened platform hanging under that so that I can see what's going on around my front door before I climb down there. Both buildings have had their first and second floor stairwells destroyed too, so it's totally safe up there, and depending on traffic I can use either one to get in and out. Think this might be the safest fortress I've ever built. It'd be ideal also if I were playing multiplayer. There's literally 12 complete places to live inside of it. I'm digging it anyway.

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Yeah, I built the bridge between them, then the building is suspended from the bridge. Its probably overkill, when Id have most likely been just as safe in one of the high apartments, especially with the lower stairs destroyed, but trying to get creative with fortresses is probably my favorite thing to do with PZ.

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A base I set up at the Mudraugh railyard, and my longest lived person. I log walled off a majority of the railyard, which was only possible due to erosion. This character went on to survive another month until getting bitten in Dixie.  :(



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My newest base out in the forest in multiplayer. It is very unfinished.



First floor with mine and smith stuff. And the many support columns.


Second Floor with Workshop, Laboratory, Library and Kitchen so far.


And the roof garden on top!


Overall I am happy with this design so far. Though i may remove the kilns and stuff later. But i think i will leave the mine since it seems cheaty to bring it up a floor.

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Maybe this is just me being an idiot, but how do you build up so many levels? I tried to build a home from scratch recently and was only able to do a ground floor, and walls on the first floor. I was unable to place a staircase on the first floor so I could roof it. From the pictures I'm seeing here some of you have 3-4 stories of what looks like self built forts/houses.

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