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So I had an Idea for a mod, because I want to do some gaming and maybe some Twitch streams/Youtube in the coming year.

I'm looking for someone who wants to make it or who knows how to because I've never made a mod and would need a lot of help to make it myself.


I used to play Resident Evil Outbreak when it came out (As I'm sure most zombie fans did) and 2 things I have always wanted:

1. A Remake (And I have some hope with the remakes we have been seeing so fingers crossed!)




2. An open world Resident Evil Game.


So I've been playing PZ under the sandbox to try and recreate the Raccoon City Incident by changing the settings and so far it has been very enjoyable and I feel I'm pretty close to a classic Raccoon City Apocalypse. I have had a lot of fun so far and I think it could be an amazing experience.


But I'm missing 2 very important things for the experience to be complete:


1. A Mod that effects how the virus kills you and adds items related to that.

TL:DR Virus fills a meter from attacks and over time, when at 100% you become the zombies. Can be stopped temporarily with certain medical items, some craftable.


Typically once infected you know that it's over and that you will die in X days. No ifs ands or buts, no delays.

The change would be to make the infection follow a gauge that could be checked under the health menu, from 0.00% to 100.00% Like in the RE:Outbreak Games.


Once attacked by a zombie and injured your gauge would increase 10% for a scratch or 30% for a bite, then the gauge would steadily increase by 1% per real world hour (1 In game day)

Alternatively, you could start infected and then it would slowly increase by 1% per in game day and then jump up when attacked as before, giving you a soft limit of 100 days.


The infection could be TEMPORARILY paused by using some items:

(Times listed are in real world time, not in game time)

1 Green Herb stops the meter for 10 Minutes,

Painkillers and Mixed Herb (G/G) stop the meter for 15 Minutes,

Mixed Herb (G/G/G)  or 1 Blue Herb can stop the meter for 20 Minutes,

Mixed Herb (R/G) can stop the meter for 30 Minutes,

Antibiotics and Mixed Herb (R/G/B) stops the meter for 45 minutes,

Anti Virus Pill stops the meter for 50 minutes, Antivirus Pill (L) stops it for 1hour 30 minutes.


Green, Red and Blue herbs can be found rarely in the forest zones (In order of rarity) by foraging, the Green or Red can be used to disinfect wounds and the Blue one can also fight normal wound infections.


The Herbs can be mixed with each other and to make pills IF you have a high enough medical skill and some supplies:

Some recipes I have thought of:


Combining the Herbs into R/G and R/G/B mixes. No skills needed, but will need 1 mortar and pestle and 1 piece of paper alongside the herbs.

Gives a moderate amount of Medical experience.


To Make a basic Anti-Virus Pill:

Medical LVL 3 or 5

Tools: Mortar and pestle, Heat Source (Lighter/Matches, campfire, lit stove or grill), a Spoon

One Of: Vitamins, Painkillers, Empty Pill Casings (Item would need to be part of mod)

One Mixed Herb (R/G)


To Make an Anti-Virus (L) Pill:

Medical LVL 5 or 7

Tools:Mortar and Pestle, Large Heat Source (campfire, lit stove or grill), a Sauce pan/Frying Pan/Pot/Baking Pan/Roasting Pan

One Antibiotics

One Mixed Herb (R/G/B)

Makes 2 pills


Now the important thing is that these pills won't stop wound based increases from zombies, and they do not reverse the gauge at all. You will eventually succumb, just a matter of how/when.


2. And the second thing needed for it would be an advanced customizable zombies mod.

There are some mods out there that offer bits and pieces of what I'm looking for but none that offer the full package and most conflict when installed together.


TL:DR A mod to store zombie 'templates' and have a way to control each templates spawn rate. Each template would store their senses strengths, physical stats and speed stat, it would also allow them to be dressed in a specific way on spawn.


Basically I need a mod that would allow templates to be created much like how the zombie population can be customized in sandbox.


The template would include:

Zombie stats like: Strength, Speed, sight, hearing, smell and Durability multipliers. The multipliers would go from 0.1 - 20.0 times the regular population stats.

Appearance including whether they are a skeleton or not and what clothing they wear.

The percentage of the population they would spawn in as from 0.00001% -100.00%


I'm hoping to be able to make templates for the major BOWs from REs 2/3 and maybe some of the others.



For example MR X could be like:


(Assuming zombies are set to normal where applicable)

Strength 5.0

Speed 1.3 (On fast shamblers setting)

Sight 2.0

Hearing 5.0

Smell 2.0

Durability 10.0


Wears :

Leather Long coat (Black)

Black Hat

Black Pants

Military Boots (Black)

Leather Gloves (Black)


Percentage: 0.001%




While a Hunter Beta would be like:

Strength 3.0

Speed 2.0

Sight 1.0

Hearing 2.0

Smell 7.0

Durability 2.0 (3.5 for remake version)



Skeleton  form

Ghillie suit


Percentage: 0.02



So If anyone knows some mods that work together and allow these kind of features, or knows how to make it or wants to, I'd love to hear about it!

Happy new Year everyone, hopefully it will be a bit better than 2020.





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