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Lawnmowers and garden maintenance

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Maintaining a good clean garden and lawn gets a bit timeconsuming after a while and frankly "unrealistic"

There should be tools and methods to make the "remove grass" action a bit more effective instead of pulling out the grass strands with your hands so a few suggestions.


1. Lawnmowers. (New addition, models/animation/mechanics)

They make sense in the universe of PZ, and should be a part of the world. Having maybe 3 kinds. I do belive that the vehicle mechanics could be used/modified for both types push and rider.


  • A hand push/Walk Behind Manual lawnmower where you could get some physical exercise and make your lawn free from pesky long grass in a silent fashion.
  • A Walk behind motorized lawnmower, requires gasoline to operate, more effective and less strainous mode of cutting your lawn but also louder. 
  • A rider, requires gasoline to operate, small/slow ridable mower where you can drink your looted beer and have a rest while you make sure that the grass is kept in check. Loudest version but also the fastest/least demanding.  


2. Make the Hand Scythe cut grass. ( adding function to existing object )


 Being able to cut grass with the Hand Scythe in an efficient manner just, chop, chop. Make the tools make sense. 


3. Pour gasoline on it! ( adding function to existing object )


From experience I know that pouring gasoline on the lawn will make it wilt and nothing will grow on that patch for a long time. (kids don't refuel your lawnmower on your lawn if there's risk for spilling, and there always is) To make sure that you will have a clean driveway to your base outside of town you could spend some gasoline to make sure that a tile will not grow anything for a long time and thus eliminating the labour needed to keep it clear. Sure it is not good for the enviroment but it sure doesn't matter in the zombie apocalypse. You could remove the dirt and get fresh to place in the spot if you want grass to grow there in the future. This also makes for some griefing gameplay in multiplayer with  pouring gasoline all over someones crops and gardenfield in the future.


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Yes, yes, yes, yes. This is one of those ideas that makes perfect sense, but I've never even given it thought. The Hand Scythe functionality alone is a great idea, but the lawnmower is a god tier suggestion. Not only would it make a really annoying part of base maintenance way easier, but also add fun gameplay and progression. Now that Custom Vehicle Model support has been implemented with Trailers, we are one step closer to push vehicles. I've long thought Wheelbarrows, Handcarts, Wheel Trash Cans, Dollies, etc would add so much to transportation and make trading/moving bases more viable. We should definitely add both Push Mowers to that list. It would be really cool if you could actually run over downed zombies with the lawnmower and potentially kill them at the cost of completely shredding their clothes and clogging the system. Maybe survivors would have to use the Electrical skill to repair the motor, probably requiring 3 like generators. I imagine Mountable Vehicles aren't too far off either. Especially if the B42 Animal Update comes with Horses and the like (fingers crossed). Motorcycles, ATVs, Bikes, and Tractors would all be great additions with some opportunities for functionality in other systems. Rideable Lawnmowers would probably be included in this update, and I imagine would need Mechanics instead of Electrical to repair. These mowers could actually knock over zombies at high enough speed and chew them up. This would still cause damage to the machine, but not as much as the smaller push mowers. You would have to be careful though, since you can be grabbed and pulled off/injured by zombies, and the vehicle can be easily swarmed and overrun with only a few undead.

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Posted (edited)

My kids have once poured some gasoline on the lawn, man I wanted to beat them so freaking hard! Since then, I do not allow them to enter the garage, it is a forbiden area for them. They actually used to mown the lawn, and that is exactly why I let them enter the garage, and take the gasoline, as we are having a small tractor for that. However, since they are not allowed to do that anymore, I am always calling for lawn.com.au as they are really great in this domain. They are like certified specialist in lawn mowing.

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I'll admit, I understand why these things aren't in the game at the moment from a development point of view, but I do really like the idea. Pulling weeds and grass out by hand, while thematic with having the survive the apocalypse, can be pretty tedious and boring.


Besides, having more options and tools available for people who make gardeners and farmer-type characters would be really neato.

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