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Long going Texture bug regarding Player Model & Zeds (Build41)- Idea for potential fix

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Starting A new topic in hopes of getting some attention, as the old thread has had no replies from the Dev team for nearly a year. 

While i understand that it is likely less than 1% over PZ players that are simply too poor to afford new machines and will be left behind once build 41 becomes the next stable build. It's still disheartening to see that the team has seemingly shelved the issue. 
I come with a suggestion that may or may not be worth trying, only because it's something another indie game dev did to deal with what i suspect were similar problems.
And that is to switch/update pulling from "Compatibility"  profile in OpenGL to the "CORE" profile. From what i gather this requires updating much within the game itself. The process of which i really have no idea on. 
Maybe that solo dev might be open to talking with the team as to what there issues were and the process they went through. 
Really i'm just hoping that it might at least be considered. As i'd really love to be able to continue to play PZ and actually experience all the new awesome features.

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On 12/5/2020 at 5:43 AM, Faalagorn said:

Judging from the previous thread it seems to be an issue with Mac not updating OpenGL – for your case, using zink (OpenGL to Vulkan) and thenMoltenVK (Vulkan to Metal) could be an answer :)

It is the case that apple has not updated said drivers, in an effort to push their own API Metal. But that shouldn't really even matter in the case of my suggestion. As i believe the Build 41 update for PZ only went up to OpenGL 3.1 and i technically have working drivers up to 3.3 just that they are within the "CORE" profile where as PZ uses "Compatibility".

As far as using ZINK/Vulkan/etc.. I just spent an hour trying to figure out what to/how or if i even can install them. And to me it's all coding language that doesn't make any sense to me.
If you have info/advice on attempting to set up those things, please DM me here or on discord. As i would rather not have this thread derail in a separate direction.

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