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Black Screen on Steam Version after playing once already



Hi there, I purchased PZ yesterday, have played it now on 3 different computers, but have now come to a dilemma. I was playing a save on my Windows 7 Premium computer, when I knew of my impending death, so I paused the game and clicked "Exit" thinking it'd go back to the main menu. Well I was wrong and it closed my window for it.


I tried loading it back up on the normal "Play Project Zomboid" option instead of the "Safe/Compatibility Mode" option on Steam, and I get nothing. It's just a black screen now.


I tried loading it up on the "Safe/Compatibility Mode" instead and I get the same black screen, just with the music playing in the background. 


Ii get no error messages or anything in the black box thing that comes up when you load the game, no text in it or anything.


Any help? Please?

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Theres a solution that's always worked for me. And I get the same problem. But with the UI on display ( though it takes awhile for that to load also)



Move around alittle bit , and keep moving & stopping. It just takes a few more seconds - minuets for the surroundings to load.


Works every time for me :) 


Good luck!

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