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We really need better income of scrap metal

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Dismantling various objects doesnt give enought scrap metal compared to how much you need to build metal structures. Got plenty of metal sheets, pipes and bars, but no scraps. Cant build anything. We can weld small sheets to make big sheets and cut big sheets to make small sheets. Maybe we could make metal scraps from small sheets?



Also, construction sites could be better source of metal materials. It could contain crates of construction materials, more dissasemblable objects.

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1 hour ago, Blake81 said:

Uhm.... am I the only one who knows that dismantling car wrecks (which are plenty at the south crossroads and the Mul-WP Road) yields Scrap Metal now? Now they all yield all 5 metal parts (Small Plate, Large Plate, Pipe, Bar and Scrap).

Didnt know, will give it a try

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