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Clothing/Patches transparency issue

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Some of my clothing items have issues due to holes/patches Where I can see the environment behind the article of clothing. Here are some example pics where you can see the white of the bed around the arm patch on this ranger jacket, and then the white is gone when I stand where the patch has the wall behind it.

cDWFDM5.png 2JvCvqd.png


By the Bed and then one where you can see the shoulder patch showing the white of the bed behind it, while the rest of the patches have the very faint brown of the wood behind the character:



The foreman vest with a hole, where the right side you can see through to the white of the bed. Add my holeless/patchless McCoy shirt underneath, can see through those same spots.



And last one, with a full set of clothes on underneath by the bed, and then next to it:


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