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IWBUMS 41.47 released

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17 hours ago, Toshis said:

Thanks guys, next time i turn on PZ will try to uninstall hood and check if i can repair it.


P.S. I dont use mods, generally not a fan of mods on any game. Often they distort the original feel of the game too much, unless its really, REALLY good mod :)


P.S.S You know, when i think about it, there is a problem of lack of information. Game is updated and changed often, so there isnt much information on the internet. And the game itself doesnt tell much how things can be done or how it works.

Dont forget that the game is still in early access. People tend to forget that.

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Hey guys! Just wanna know if you could split the degradation settings into 2 settings? If possible i'd like to be able to have dirtiness ON whithout having damage on clothing activated.

Edit: Having those 2 settings in sandbox for weapons would be nice too.

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4 hours ago, elkokas said:

I cant seem to find the option to play IWBUMS through steam.

this is from memory so the names of some options might be slightly different ("properties" might be "settings", etc.)


1. go to your games library

2. right click on Project Zomboid

3. click properties

  -- properties window appears ---

4. click on "betas" tab

5. select the "IWBUMS" option from the version dropdown menu

 -- steam will then download and re-install the new version of the game --

7. start the game as you normally would

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