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Curious Case of the Creeping Cars

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I've come to notice that vehicles with the small trailer attached slowly creep towards the upper right over time. if i had to guess i'd say that they move about 1 tile width per jump. this seems to only happen when a trailer is attached and only when moving out of frame of the vehicle. i have not tested this extensively but i have seen it to occur regularly with both the Bulldriver and Franklin all-terrain. so far this hasn't broken my game in anyway but it is kind of annoying that my vehicles keep trying to run away from me.


i've attached a screen shot to show the direction and extent of movement. they always move from lower left to upper right. the police truck was parked on the sidewalk in front of the building and the fossoil truck was parked at the gas pumps at an earlier time.


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ok so i was wrong about how the vehicles move, it turns out they just creep 1 pixel at a time. i made this gif that shows the vehicle moving over 1 1/2 in game hours. it doesn't seem to mind that i'm standing in front of it.


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