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Quest Events

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Updating previous Cells Randomly to add "events" as opposed to adding events only in "non explored cells" would make the world feel more "Alive"

As if other survivors unbeknownst to the player are also there. 


For example you loot a house and two weeks later you go back to the same area and you notice the windows boarded up.

The player knows they didn't do it, and explore it to find an abandoned house with some supplies. 


It may result in a chain where they find a note with a map, as if telling someone they are expecting to go to "x" location.

When you arrive you find  dead body with a journal.


These aren't exactly the "Traditional quests" but more of a way to "repopulate" visited areas more realistically while at the same time adding more life to the world.

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No need to add this when NPCs are coming in the next few years. Realtime metagame events will occur using persistent survivors and factions. You could go to your favorite trader's base to find it completely overrun. Will you find him again someday in a new base? Maybe he's one of the zombies. Or he could run to a different location and commit suicide and you later find his body. The devs have also mentioned real quests. These could be emergent via maps or journals like you said. They could also be fixed side quests given by NPCs like making some sandwiches or getting 50 logs or retrieving an old family photo from an overrun house.

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