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Some improvements to the right click menu

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I'm sure we've all been in the annoying situation where we can't quite find the right point on a sprite to click to get an interaction option (I'm looking at you lightswitches!)


I'm proposing that right clicking will show all the interaction options available in a 3x3 around the mouse, kind of like how you can see loot in a 3x3 around your character, or even more similarly how the vehicle radial menu shows up interaction options for nearby cars.

Hovering over an interaction option would highlight the object being interacted with (like hovering over keys highlights the doors they work for), and in the case of being near more than one object with the same interaction prompts (e.g. being near 2 sinks) the object closest to the mouse would get priority (e.g. so you don't get 2 options to fill stuff cluttering the menu), but not the necessarily the current system of having to click the exact sprite/tile.


Another QOL system that I think could greatly benefit certain menus (I have device options and the farming menu in mind) would be if they automatically close when you get far enough away from the object, just like the mechanics menu does, once you're far enough away from a car.

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I really like this idea, I had thought it would be cool too see small moodle sized bubbles pop up after pressing a specific key like tab and all the interactables in your view would sort of hover opaquely around the object.


hard to describe exactly in words but just think of resident evil's looting system but with little icons indicating what the container is.


heck I even thought it could be cool to have items in containers pop up in this way as we "search" through them.


But yeah I agree with certain angles making it hard for us to interact at this point

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