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Add another zoom level for higher resolution screens


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I recently posted about this in discord hoping to find some support but it seems like this might not be implemented as of now, so I figure I could add it here to the list.


simply when playing in higher resolutions allow for players to zoom in as much as lower resolutions.


Seems like at this point playing in 1440p you lose out on a whole 25% on the zoom which can add a ton to atmosphere in the game. (I can only imagine what 4k might look like)


Biggest issue here for me is how UI scales when I dont play in native resolution as well as other problems, like the inability to play in full screen windowed when I am down scaled on to 1080p.


I noticed it after watching people on youtube and wondering why they seemed to have such an up close and personal view where I had a much farther 50% zoom.

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All you do is restart the game after changing the res. Aside from higher levekd of zoom, 50% should be pretty much universal in size.


Genuinely at a loss as to why 1440x would otherwise be a problem. It’s what I play at. You did turn off dpi scaling for pz?




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So hopefully this will illustrate what I am saying.


the first image is what the game looks like in 1440p


and the second is how the game appears in 1080p


essentially I would get another zoom level in 1080p


problem is 1440 p has benefits like HUD and fullscreen modes. also my PC just seems to run it "better"


1080p is good but I have to do full screen mode and its a hassel.


my suggestion is to allow for another zoom level for 1440p higher so the zoom matches.



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I think i'ts a problem with your settings. Here is how far I can zoom in on 1440p (Well, 2561x1361 to be exact, for some reason pz doesn't fullscreen to 1440p on my 1440p monitor. Also excuse the cursed looking character).Pretty sure that's the same size as the 1080p picture you've posted (it looks smaller in the  screenshot than it actually is):



I do agree with you however, since we have all this extra character detail it would be nice to have a 25% zoom option.

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8 hours ago, OxManZomboid said:

btw i am probably just dumb and don't understand what a computer is. but yeah im perplexxxed :D


**just played around with dpi settings and it didnt help with the problem unfortunately

This may be limited to the tut as if you zoomed in too close, you’d not see the cues.


I have no idea why your post triggered this memory, Kappa.

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15 hours ago, OxManZomboid said:

not the tutorial for sure,  and I really cant tell on your screenshot kappato. and also i have no idea what settings would be problematic... hopefully someone can help with this

I just did some experimenting, and I can confirm, that when the game is fullscreen you can zoom in further at 1080p (or at least it looks like it, it could be to do with the way scaling works.) It's really difficult to tell from screenshots, but if you look at the bottom right corner of my screen shots, you'll notice that you can see it at 1440p fullscreen (windowed doesn't seem to make any difference what resolution you're running idk), but not 1080p fullscreen. So this could be a bug or maybe it's something to do with how the game scales to resolution??????

Here's 1440p fullscreen



Here's 1080p fullscreen20201115175523_1.thumb.jpg.57a9fed67a979b763b86efd89d921b5c.jpg


Again, the difference is much less noticable ingame, but OxmanZomboid appears to be correct.

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