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Makeshift/ Craftable clothing upgrades 


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Makeshift/ Craftable clothing upgrades


item name/idea name: Improvised Body Armor kit 


have you ever wanted that extra bit of defense from being bitten or scratched, but normal clothes just don't cut it.

Well now that I have your attention here's my idea.


finding and using everyday household items like; Duct tape, Pillows, Belts, Books, Magazines etc. You can use those items to craft makeshift armor (Improvised Body Armor kit) for each clothing type (face, head, body, hands, legs, feet). the Improvised Body Armor kit can be applied to the clothing you choose, it will break once the clothing it is applied two's condition reaches zero or if you choose to remove it from said clothing; however with a higher tailoring level you have the chance of getting those items back spent making the kit. The higher your tailoring level the better the condition of the Improvised Body Armor kit.


There are some down sides to the kit(s). while a pillow or a book might stop a zed from sinking his teeth into you, you can't fit a backpack over a pillow neither can you crouch with one and with the books they add more weight of course they also tend to throw off your balance.


here are some reference images





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