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Zombie Spawning reworked suggestion

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Hi folks and dev's,


I've been playing PZ in multiplayer for a while now and the one thing that bugs me the most (while in MP), is how zombie spawning work. Right now, you clear an area, go home, come back within x hours and the area is "magically" repopulated. Wouldn't it be more immersive if zomboids spawned at the edge of the map and then started roaming in a random direction?

Whaddya guys think?

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Zombie Respawn is a setting in sandbox. The idea is that they wandered into the area when you weren't there. While it would be more immersive if they spawned on the map borders, this would essentially create a "Battle Royale Storm" where the players would be forced into the middle as an increasing wall of zombies surrounded them. Horde migration could help, but it would still be even more immersion-breaking IMO. My settings are usually set to Respawn Rate of 0.05 with a Respawn time of 168 and an Unseen time of 168. This means that every week, 5% of each cell's ideal zombie level will respawn, but only if no one has been in the cell within the same period of time. This means that only the cells I rarely visit, or haven't been to at all refill with zombies. The areas I have cleared out remain safe as long as I visit them frequently enough. However, I also have the Horde settings amped up to create bigger and more frequent hordes. I keep the Migration time settings at minimum to allow zombies to move freely around cells whenever too. This way, my base and the immediate area is always clear from zombies, but hordes and even normal groups can more easily mob a place I've been to. It's much more immersive and realistic to build up a base, clear out the area, and have safe looting for a few days or weeks. But, eventually, the big hordes come and will almost always drive you back into that early game base hunt as you are forced to retreat.

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