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Dragging Corpses and Cleaning Blood


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I don't think I've seen this particular suggestion before, I may be wrong though and if so I apologize.  I understand it's planned that we'll be able to dispose of corpses at some point, I think that there needs to be the ability to drag the corpses around and also to clean up bloodstains.

In my current game I've cleared out a few streets in West Point (probably around 200 zombies on the streets and in the houses so far!) and want to settle down in the area, however the number of corpses is substantial.  When we have the ability to (I'm assuming) burn the corpses, I'd like to be able to drag them all to a big pile and then set that alight.

Then I'd like to be able to clean up the blood scattering the roads and interiors of houses, in order to make it 'feel' safe.  

Also, a way to bury a corpse could be cool too (and make a grave marker), when NPC's and Multiplayer are added, I'd like to bury fallen comrades and burn the zombies.  Just think it'd be neat if you could have a graveyard (maybe even bury your previous characters after looting them :P )

What do you guys think?



Ah shite, just looked through the 'Commonly Suggested' post and saw it's pretty much confirmed :-|

My bad, well, burial is still there!

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