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Ammo loot balance

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I have problm with fire arms from start. Its clear that makers are favor male combat over uing guns. I dont like it but i undestood. Resently new patch add gun case where i can found guns and ammo clip, thats great ! But at the same time AGAIN number of ammo was reduced. This is madnes ! Even with ammo loot on max ther is not enough ammo to deal with insane zombie population. This is wrong idea. When we chose rare or very rare loot we want to strugle to found that one saw we need! Its what make game great. But why if we want have a TOONS of any iteam and put loot on very high is reduce?! So why even bother with sand box at first place if we cant have what we chose?


My very strong sugestion: When we put some kainde of loot on rare or very rare, make it very rare! Yes i bolive we all want that! But when we CHOSE to set some loot on very common make it verry common! 

Right now in game ther is not enough ammo to deal with insane zombie population so i cant play with that seting any more. Thank you very much for one more reason to give up on any hope with this game.

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