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Petition for craftable “weapons” and “tools”

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Craftable “weapons/tools”.


Weapons can be made once reached level 5 carpentry and level 5 metal work.


Carpentry will determine the “starting condition” of the weapon, because the handle is made of wood.


Metal Work will determine the “damage”, because the blade or blunt head is made from metal.


The RNG factor is that you will not get the same result on every weapon made having only level 5 carpentry will have low chance on creating a weapon with high durability (20%) where having level 10 will give you 80 to 100% chance getting maximum durability possible. (Very similar to crafting a spear)


Same with the blade, level 5 metal work will have low chance on creating a weapon with high damage (20%), where having level 10 will give you 80 to 100 chance getting maximum damage possible.


15% chance critical failure which means wasted materials and light burn on the hand at level 5 metal work. Level 10 only 1% chance.


Making a weapon no matter the result on damage and conditions gives XP on both skills.


To make the weapons you will need a “welding table” with an electric grinder that works with power and will lose condition every time used and can be repaired with level 3 electric skill with electric components. 


The “welding table” could be randomly found at garages, toolsheds or industrial areas. It can be moved and weighs 40. It should be very rare maximum one spawn or less per city.


To make the weapons you will need first to read the magazines (3), with the recipes for “axes”, “blunt” and “knifes/blades”.


“One Metal bar” could create: 1 hammer-heads, 1 tomahawk, 2 knifes or 1 machete. 


“One Saw mill blade” could create: 1 two-handed axe, 2 tomahawk or 3 knifes.


“One Spoon” per arrow head.


Basic Materials to create a weapon: Wood, Saw mill blade/Metal bar, 3 “Screws, propane torch, saw/garden saw and welding table with grinder (know the recipe).


Create an arrow: Spoon, wood stick and 3 feathers that you get when trapping birds.


*”Regular weapons” can be repaired. With level 10 carpentry the maximum chance should be 50% but if you repair at the workbench it increases to 90%. Crafted weapons should have less amount repaired than “Regular” sometimes may be better to craft a new one specially if the one made doesn’t have the maximum damage possible. To repair an axe you need, wood glued and a wet stone. To repair a blunt weapon wood glue, nails.


*Reduce the chance of finding weapons stuck on zombies so the craftable weapons are worth making. (I can literally farm katanas with high populations settings)


*The wood for the handles could be special tree wood (Oak or birch, etc) will give better chance “High condition” this will encourage exploration or regular wood with no benefit. (And from the same wood could be made arrows for the future bow)


Do we need this? There is a lot weapons.


The game needs meaningful late content most of things to do are focus on the early game. It will expand the crafting options and will make the grinding worth it. Veteran players would appreciate this very much.


Why level 5 on the skills and not before?


Because you need understanding of the materials and tools you are working with. Dissembling stuff and making basic walls and furniture give a better feeling of the materials and tools to latter transform them into something durable and effective to crash a human skull.


Is this realistic?


Once you know the materials and have the tools is totally doable, in the pictures can be seen basic tools made from a single metal bar. In the videos can be seen the full process as is proposed. 


Why not forging? 


Its clearly a more complicated process, that its hard to believe you will learnt it by reading a magazine, it requires more ingredients, tools and time to complete a metal bar and you will need a grinder to sharpen anyways. And since PZ bases some of the game concepts on real life conditions, this could be the best way to make weapons in game.


Why not only welded tools (metal handle)?


We will have more balance weapons even irl, there is a reason most of the tools have wood handle and doing this way we integrate 3 skills in the process, carpentry and metal work to craft and electric to maintain the grinder. I think the game needs to start having more recipes that integrate several skills on the late game. 


Can crafted weapons be better than the ones find?


Yes, the purpose of the things you find in the game is to be a tool not a weapon, for example a tomahawk axe has smaller blade is faster and it can pierce skin and bone easier but is not as good to chop wood like an hand. Crafted weapons could have 10% more damage but be less effective to do regular work on construction or chopping wood.
























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