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Tea bags in boxes/More tea for tea-lovers

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First of all, I am a great fan of the work you're doing every day for us, the community of zombie apocalypse appreciators! Thank you, guys!

I have a small, but cozy and realistic suggestion for the game. Please, could you make an item - "box of teabags", and add the ability to unbox teabags before making tea. Or just simply increase a spawn rate of teabags in kitchen counters. It is quite strange, that ingame you can find only one or two teabags at a time. 


It would be also great to be able to add gingseng, rosehips, lemongrass or maybe something else to hot cuppa recepie.


This small improvements would help players to feel cozy during long and cold nights of survival in autumn and winter.

IRL I don't drink coffe, only tea. So I would do during zombie apocalypse to warm not only my body, but also my soul before a horrible death in hands of mercyless and forever hungry zombies. Please help pllayears like me - TEA LOVERS.


Thanks a lot once again, hope that my suggestion is worth concidering. 



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It would be also great to make something like a thermos or thermos flask for hot cuppas to remain hot for a 24-36 hours. As I can see, a lot of people just eat coffee to reduse tiredness instantly (seems like an overpowered mechanic to me). It would be much better if you would be able to prepare several portions of hot cuppas to drink during long trips on youur car or long missions in the town, or a journey outside your base etc. 

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