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Zombie general SFX

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Hi! Before anything, I just wanna say that all sounds remaster in PZ was wonderfully done so far. One thing that still gets me it's the "new" zombie sounds.


They're great quality and everything but they sound so much like "modern" wild zombies, from movies. Not a problem but it really escapes that Romero idea (maybe make lunging/sprinter zombies sound like the present SFX group, which is more feral and make slower/calmer shamblers more like moaners?).


I used to feel that zombies (even back then when they were green and blue aliens) sounded more menacing, curious, hungry. Now, most times just feels like they wanna kill you cuz they are really bothered about your boring conversation topics lol.


Please take it as a professional suggestion. It is not something that changes the game experience. Just the mood zombies gives that starts to settle after some time in-game. Peace and Love
Paw Low

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