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41 multyplayer

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It's still worked on. We're currently in closed testing, so should be too long.

Quoting from our latest blog:



Although everything is looking very positive with the MP stuff PLEASE note that we still have a pretty long ‘to do’ list before we can consider a public IWBUMS beta release and Community Megatests.

Each time we open the internal tester pool wider we will be unveiling newer bugs and issues to sort out, and it’s a big tree to climb.

We are sorry for being such massive teases with this stuff, but we hope you’ll agree it’s better than some sort of radio silence.


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On 5/21/2021 at 5:53 PM, Akénaï said:

Hi @nasKo,


Do you have any information on the work did on the multi ? It seem to be better in the latest news publish on the website, a date for the release on the version 41 ?


Thks !

We don't give out release dates. 

We'll release it when it's ready and right now it's simply not.

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