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Thread, twine, rags and duct tape need more interoperability

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As of 41.43, it's really hard to make spears with weapons attached because duct tape is the only material you can use to attach a pointy thing to a stick, even though you could tie it on with rags or twine. Traps require twine, no matter how well a strip of cloth could be twisted to serve the same purpose. A mattress can't be pillows tied together with rags, taped together, or sewn with a screwdriver to punch holes and twine to hold them together, they have to be sewn together with a needle and thread.  


What I'd like that would take the least overhauling of recipes and how fiber is used in game:


  • A recipe to turn ripped sheets into thread.
  • A recipe to turn thread into twine. 
  • A recipe to turn ripped sheets and glue into duct tape.


I would want these to be very slow crafts, to offset the greater ease of access to materials. Picking good threads out of a ripped length of cloth isn't easy even when the fabric was in good condition to start with. Ditto turning thread into twine. Cloth and glue into duct tape would be fast, if we're going by realistic timeframes for crafting, but for game balance I could see it being slow as well.

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Something you might not know is that you already have a chance to get a small amount of thread when ripping clothes (depending of your tailoring skill, if you focus on that you can get thread very often, you'll need to invest some time into it though).


I agree there are some recipes that need resources that are rather scarce (as you said about spears, I would never waste some precious duct tape to put an attachement on it). A way to craft twine would be nice too (maybe by using a greater amount of thread for example ?)


Maybe being able to turn thread into twine could be tied to the tailoring skill as well, I'd like that. Dunno about the duct tape (I see some 7d2d vibes here :p), I think it's rather the crafting of spears with attachement that would need a change.

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