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Motocycles, bycicles, boats and new water


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(сan be updated and supplemented. It's only my idea and maybe never be implemet in game)

Of course it's can be a long term development , but I think game then will be fantastic. 
New branches in transport and mechanic.


  • If you have some level in mechanic and gas welding you can create own bycicle. Also you can find bycicle in town like transport.
  • You can find bycicle with basket or without.
  • You can find parts for bycicle in town or craft parts on my own (wheels , steering wheel, frame , fork etc. ) .


  • Three types of moto - moped ( low speed ) , moto ( middle speed ) and police moto ( high speed ).
  • Police moto player can only find in town near police station. The moto can find in town.
  • And simple moped can create if have some skill an parts. Parts for moped also you can craft.


  • Three types of boats - custom row boat (low speed) , custom gas boat with motor ( middle speed ) and military boat (high speed).
  • The custom wooden boat player can craft when wil have some skill building skills. Also must craft paddles for this type of boat.


  • Of course for boats need new water animation and her physics. And functionality of boats will not be soon.
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There will be no boats, as well as water treatment - this issue has been raised repeatedly. The developers said that this will not be implemented.

@Nazarito22, You post topics and raise questions that developers have been asked many times. Take the trouble to read this forum thread with suggestions ...


A lot of players would like the character to be able to enter the water and swim ... but alas ... in the next few years, this can only be dreamed of.


I understand that this is due to the enormous work of changing the game engine and map. That will entail serious consequences - to redo everything again. The game from the very beginning consisted of crutches for crutches ... 

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There are no vanilla swimming mechanics, as well as boats.
I am not going to return anything to you, due to the fact that I don’t owe you anything.


I want and dream that the character is "taught" to swim in the water, and that it freezes. But euvas are only dreams.

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It should be noted that there is now a mod that adds boats and swimming.


The way the game map handles water and bridges, unfortunately, limits their functionality at the moment. 


Fun way to slip around the northern part of the map between riverside, westpoint and the mall area, but almost useless on any in land waterways.


If I'm not mistaken, bicycles are something the dev's plan on adding at some point.

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