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Body temperature

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So, i've been trying to make a specific function set the body/core temperature back to normal but whatever variation i try the game doesn't applies, works great for bodydamage/stats but not for temperature, any ideas? Appreciate. (clyde)


function ISreleaseheat:perform()
if self.item then
self.character:getStats():setThirst(self.character:getStats():getThirst() + 0.8)
self.character:getBodyDamage():setTemperature(self.character:getStats():getTemperature() - 20)


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Can you try to add some debug lines ?

print( self.character:getBodyDamage():getTemperature() ) for example, to check in the console.txt what it returns.

Also, are you sure that Temperature is under bodyDamage ? Isn't it under Stats ?

Also, are you sure that you have to assign value in the parenthesis of the function ?

Did you try something like :

self.character:getBodyDamage():setTemperature() = YourValue


Also, you should visit the PZ Modding discord channel on the PZ official discord.


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