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Problems and balance around Jaw- Stab with knifes 41.43


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The previous built was modify the chance of landing jaws tab if more zombies are around, this could diminish the chances of keeping a low profile:


If you are trying to play sneaky as possible entering a house that has a horde just next to it, but inside there 3 or 4 zombies u will try to use the knife with the idea of making the less noise possible so the horde outside doesn’t detect you but the limitation of not being able to jaws tab if more zombies are near will nullify your chances of being sneaky.


Now if you removed because ti can put the player in danger to do jaw-stabs with others zombies around its not fair to make the decision for the player, if i decide to take the chances of doing a jaw stab i know the risk that it takes a second where i won’t be able to move, but also the reward of keeping a low profile.


Additional problems around this:


Sometimes the character won’t do the hard push when is about to be bitten but only a regular stab. The hard push is silent and help to be sneaky when trying to jaw stab but u fail so u can try again without making noise but if the character does regular stab to the body instead of the hard push it will just alert the zombies around.


U can’t do a jaw stab when u are standing on a zombie and u try to jaw stab the one that is coming on foot the one on the ground is not a threat why should cancel the jaw stab chance.


I think the idea of waiting on the bite animation the higher chance to land a jaws tab works great to balance the combat with knifes, giving the player the option on how much risk will they take to land the jaws tab and also being a skill base weapon, cuz u may have zombies near but how u handle your nerves with this weapon will be highly rewarding.


Hope this feedback is useful keep up the good work.

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